Luton Town vs Grimsby Town, September 10 2016

Insert a rubbish hats off pun here.

No poetry; no anal, minute-by-minute recount; no player ratings, just my thoughts on the Mariners’ win over Luton Town. Continue reading “Luton Town vs Grimsby Town, September 10 2016”


The curse of the former player – League 2 edition!

Back at the beginning of the 2015/16 season I wrote about the curse of the former player, specifically the threats posed to Town in the National League by former fan favourites Ross Hannah (Chester), Liam Hearn & Bradley Wood (both Lincoln) and Andy Cook (Barrow). As it happens it turned out okay in the end and we were promoted while those guys and their clubs stayed in non-league.

Now, I know there’s not really anything in it otherwise why don’t our players score sackloads of goals against their former clubs?  Exactly! But I can’t help worrying about it and this coming season is no different,  so much so that I’ve gone through our League 2 rivals and listed where our ex-players are now plying their trade. Continue reading “The curse of the former player – League 2 edition!”

Letter to Grimsby Town re: fan violence

This Saturday, 23 July, Grimsby Town hosted Sheffield United in a pre-season friendly fixture but unfortunately the game was marred before and after by trouble as rival fans faced off in Cleethorpes. Families, children and local businesses were caught up in the violence and there will surely be repercussions now as police forces will see both teams’ fans as potentially problematic.

But what can be done?   Continue reading “Letter to Grimsby Town re: fan violence”

Open and clear communications with fans

We’re football fans and our clubs – specifically Grimsby Town in my case – want our money and support but do we deserve better in return? Why does it so often feel like we’re taken for granted?

This last week or so we’ve seen our top scorer Pádraig ‘Podge’ Amond walk away from the club but a few  days after centre back Aristote ‘Toto’ Nsiala also departed. Both headed up North East to join the Monkey Hangers, Hartlepool United and barely a month since we celebrated promotion at Wembley it has left a fans shellshocked.

What has my club done to inform us fans of this, to set minds at rest and assure us things are going to be okay? Nothing, nada, zilch. There’s Silence.  I reckon that’s not good enough so have written this open letter for their attention. Continue reading “Open and clear communications with fans”

Grimsby away at Cheltenham, April 1st

Driving back from Cheltenham this evening I was thinking about what the result means to both Grimsby and Cheltenham. Cheltenham needed the win to calm the nerves after losing to Wrexham earlier in the week and the Mariners needed the win to keep their faint championship hopes alive. The 3-1 result means that the Robins have a hand on the trophy  and Grimsby will now have to settle for the playoffs but we kind of knew that. Continue reading “Grimsby away at Cheltenham, April 1st”

Forest Green Rovers vs. Town

Last night after getting home from Nailsworth I sat down and watched a lot of the BT Sport coverage of the match. The game wasn’t anywhere near as scrappy as it had looked from behind the goal at the New Lawn stadium and seeing it from that angle I saw things I’d missed at the match. Continue reading “Forest Green Rovers vs. Town”

A letter to my MP on Torquay United and UK investment into Chinese football – part 2

When I write to my MP I usually post replies as a comment under the original blog but I thought this one warranted a new blog post.

A while back I wrote to my MP about our government investing into Chinese grassroots football when our own is suffering so badly. Mel (my MP) slogged away to get a reply, first from the sports minister and then from the treasury and kept me updated on the way as he was ignored several times but kept pushing.

Here’s the reply as I received it with just my address, Mel’s contract details and reference number hidden.

Basically, the treasury line is that we are investing public money in Chinese football to raise the profile of the premiership. Grassroots? Bollocks. It’s about maximising profits for big business, not sport.

China reply page 1

china reply page 2

Leave us manager alone!

Bloody hell! We’re just getting over the shock of Conor Townsend moving on – and good luck to you and Scunthorpe Utd, Conor – and the news breaks that the gaffer is on a list of candidates for the Notts County hot-seat.

Actually, to call it a hot-seat isn’t strictly accurate – nobody has stayed in it for long enough to even warm it over the last few years!

Today’s Cod Almighty diary (yeah, okay, written be me) mentioned the developing story and how Hurst wouldn’t/shouldn’t be interested. That was picked up on by some Nottingham news outlets and now it seems most of Twitter is chipping in (well, the bit of Twitter which isn’t bickering Labour supporters and MPs).

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Torquay vs Forest Green – Boxing day 2015 match report

What else is there to do on Boxing Day? Grimsby’s fixture with Guiseley had been scuppered by the  West Yorkshire weather and with it my plan of an afternoon in the company of BBC Radio Humberside and so we headed off to Plainmoor to see my local team Torquay take on National League high-flyers Forest Green Rovers in the first leg of a festive double header.

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Periscope and football -what’s up?

Following Grimsby’s FA Cup replay at Shrewsbury this week there was mention on Twitter of a Town fan being ejected from the ground for Periscoping (is it a verb yet?) segments of the game. Said fan confirmed this the next day which made me wonder exactly what the situation is regarding the use of the live video streaming app at Football matches.

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